Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OKLA Pickin'

I think the most common question asked the past week in regards to the store was, "Where did you guys get all this stuff?" First, I am not sure if "stuff" applies to new products or the older stuff. I can only assume that they mean the ladder.
The truth be told is that we find this stuff everywhere. We've found stuff in barns, outhouses, flea markets, estate sales, from Pasadena to Moore, Oklahoma. However, anyone can buy old stuff at these places. Our goal is to find unique objects, clothes, art, that works with what we are going for with our store. Hopefully, you guys agree.
Here are some pictures from spaces we've gone and found some stuff.

NOTE : these pics are as is...meaning, they aren't propped, staged etc. this is true pickin' my friends

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